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Every detail of our space was designed with our patient's comfort in mind. With an outstanding view of the Bridger Mountains, the treatment area has bright colors, modern design, and high ceilings. The reception room is generously stocked with complimentary refreshments, free WiFi, and a movie theater to entertain siblings and parents during appointments.

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With both x-ray and laboratory facilities at our office, Bozeman Orthodontics manages your entire patient care journey from beginning to end. This means we can deliver customized results much faster.


Our in-house digital x-ray machine delivers clear images with low radiation. This is important because young kids are more susceptible to the harmful effects of radiation. With the digital images of your teeth, we will review them with you on a large screen in our consultation room, as well as email them to your dentist or spouse for easy reference and review.

Digital Impressions

No more messy impressions! No Goop. No Gag. No worries! Not only is our digital impression more comfortable, it’s also much more accurate. Better accuracy means better treatment with aligners, expanders, and clear retainers. This digital accuracy also eliminates the need to retake impressions, keeping your time in the chair to an absolute minimum.

In-house 3D Printer

That's right! We have an in-house 3D printer for you. This fits perfectly into our modern digital workflow to provide you with the best products and service as fast as possible. Why wait for your retainer? Get your clear retainer the same day!

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